Guide - Vocotext WiFi Usage

Wi-Fi Marketing

Most of the outlets today are providing Wi-Fi for the convenience of customers. This is especially true for F&B and service line industry where customers require to spend longer time waiting or to be served, it is also pretty useful where customer can utilize your Wi-Fi for their leisure purpose. There are something else you can achieve by providing free Wi-Fi to your customers. We have developed a device that not only provides free Wi-Fi to your customers but also collect contact information from your customers.

Advantages of Wi-Fi Marketing

  • Localization. Send your promotional message to the correct target audience and avoid huge drain on resources.
  • Low Cost Marketing for both hardware and software. Bring user to your webpage in an cost effective way.
  • Secure Network. Providing you a more secure internet browsing experience through LAN (local area network)
  • Limit bandwidth. Create a balance usage between you and your customers without interrupt your business operation.
  • Expand your mailing list. Gather contacts into list for future promotional needs. It is the valuable asset as the numbers are all your previous customers.

How does Vocotext WiFi work?

For your customer



  1. Visitors connect to an open Wi-Fi network
  2. They will then be prompted with a page requesting their mobile number and PIN numbers
  3. Input a valid mobile number and click “Get Pin”
  4. A PIN number will be delivered to user via SMS
  5. Enter PIN number to sign in
  6. Visitor will be redirected to company website (if available) and start browsing for an hour*

* WiFi usage can be adjusted according to Merchant’s preference.

How to Set Up your Vocotext WiFi?

  1. Insert any URL of your choice as Landing Page
  2. Set your country prefix code
  3. The demographic information collected can be imported as Excel file
  4. SMS credit balance will be shown every time u login


  • Only one SMS will be sent to the same mobile number within 3 hours, same PIN number will be displayed on the screen
  • You will have list of contacts stored in iSMS Malaysia database
  • The list is rather simple but useful, you can find information about how frequent a customer has visited your store and so on.
  • Information collected can be retrieved and imported to other spreadsheet program.