Product - Vocotext WiFi Marketing

Wifi4outlet product

Package includes

  • Wi-Fi Marketing Device/Router
  • On site installation*
  • Device programming*
  • 500 iSMS credits

One time payment

RM 1649 / SGD 589 / USD 402

Vocotext WiFi Marketing Device

More than 70% of consumers say WiFi availability influences their decision regarding where to shop or dine. By setting up our Vocotext WiFi Markerting device, merchant can meet customers expectation by providing free WiFi access. Our Vocotext WiFi Marketing Device enables the merchant to collect contacts so merchant can keep contact with their customers about the outlet information in the future.
Analyze the data collected and improve your overall business performance with Wi-Fi marketing.  It is compatible with all smart phones with Wi-Fi function, including iPhone, Samsung, Lenovo & etc.

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Device Features

  • Save customer’s contact
  • Our Vocotext WiFi Marketing device works perfectly with our built-in bulk SMS Marketing System.When customers in outlet select your WiFi hotspot, they need to provide their mobile number in order to get PIN Number through SMS to connect to WiFi. Their contact list then are automatically saved in the database of bulk SMS Marketing system for future promotional strategy.

  • Send WiFi PIN through SMS
  • Merchant of outlet send the PIN for their customers who want to access their WiFi hotspot with our build in bulk SMS Marketing system. Customers also can easily access to the WiFi in outlet without giving too much personal information. They are only need to key in the PIN in the portal to get accessed to the WiFi.

  • Easy Setup Procedure
  • The installation process of Vocotext WiFi Marketing device is easy and simple. Just Plug and play. It works on DHCP and merchant only need to plug in our device to current router.

  • Low Setup Cost
  • If the merchant is interest to implement our Vocotext WiFi Marketing device, the outlet only need to pay once for the device, and only spend money on purchasing the iSMS credits from SMS Marketing Platform in order to send PIN message or other promotional messages to customers.

  • Secure Wireless network
  • Merchant of outlet is able to create separate LAN in connecting to the outlet WiFi which is different from customers. Thus, management can secure their outlet information from hacking since they can set different domain name used in outlet.

  • Bandwidth Usage Limit
  • Merchant of outlet might need a bandwidth control to prevent the negative influence on the performance of entire network in outlet. Merchant can assign a specific bandwidth limit for customers and for the outlet management itself. This can prevent the heavy load issue.

Device Specifications

  • Processor:
    ARM 1GHz (ARMv5TE Sheeva CPU core) with 1.2G MIPS processing speed
  • SDRAM:
    4Dbit NAND flash; 1GB DDR2 RAM
  • WiFi Connection:
    100 simultaneously (support 50 users playing video simultaneously)
  • Wi-Fi Access Point: 1 WiFi AP
  • Wi-Fi Connections:
    Embedded Linux OS
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Dimensions: 21cm*16.5cm*4cm
  • Antenna: 7dBi exterior ANT
  • Built-in flash: 512MB built-in
  • Range in Diameter: 300m
  • Power Supply: 100V/240V
  • Power Consumption: 6W
  • Operational Temp:
    -20°C to +70°C
  • Ethernet Cable Control: Yes
  • Extended Storage: SD Card (8GB)
  • USB/ SD Card Update: Yes
  • 3G Update: Yes
  • Online/Offline work: Yes
  • Online Management: Yes
  • Offline Management: Yes
  • Wi-Fi Update: No