Applications -

Vocotext WiFi Router for your businesses

Vocotext WiFi Marketing device is the perfect solution for any outlet looking to offer free WiFi access for their customers with simple setup procedure, while collecting customers’ database for future marketing campaign.WiFi marketing is one of the smart marketing strategy because you can communicate directly to your customers or potential customers by providing them free WiFi hotspot.

Food and Beverage chain and Cafe

Your customers want and need WiFi hotspot while they are in your restaurant. It is really easy to connect with your customers once have they used your WiFi, even after they leave. Send them seasonal promotional message to bring them back again. You can also gain exposure by connecting them to your social media site as you can set the landing page to see after they’ve connected to the Free WiFi.


After logged into Free WiFi, customers see your custom Facebook-integrated homepage. As the owner or shop manager, you may locate any promotional information, special voucher and upcoming events. Every customer using our WiFi hotspot is automatically captured into the database. Using Facebook push notification features to send new arrival notification to your customer.


Vocotext WiFi router makes it easy to provide WiFi hotspot for your customers and you can collect their information at the same time. Your customers will be more patience when waiting for their appointment or between treatments because they can surf to the free WiFi, listen to music or connect to social network with their smart phones or tablets. When they satisfy on their beauty service, they are sure will return to your salon again.

Shopping Center

Visitors from local or international countries may surf to free WiFi when they need to do some product research or have a break from shopping. WiFi in mall also provides a way to capture visitor’s information and send them the latest promotion or notify them about the events in mall from time to time. Visitors who enjoy their shopping time in the mall may lead to higher spending habit and return to your mall for next purchase.

Health Center

You can provide entertainment for your patients such as watch videos, play games or get their job done while waiting for consultation in waiting room by providing them free WiFi hotspot. In return, medical center can advertise their medical professional information to spread more about their professional and improve their reputation to public.


Customer satisfaction is essential in the service industry because it is the indicator of how likely a visitor will return to the particular hotel in future. Visitors will choose to stay in a hotel with free WiFi hotspot and good internet connection in order to facilitate their planning in trip schedule. You can capture a list of customer’s data and improve your repeat business with Vocotext WiFi Marketing device at the same time.