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Frequently Asked Question

What is the basic idea of Wifi4Outlet?
Wifi4outlet provides you the ability to gather visitor information at the the time they sign in to your free Wi-Fi network and to market to them afterwards.
What is Vocotext?
Vocotext is Wi-Fi marketing device that act as an open router system that allows visitor to access free Wi-Fi by providing their mobile numbers and other demographic details.
Do I need a separate router for my business use?
No, our device is compatible with your existing hardware. It works seamlessly when you connect both devices without interfere your day-to-day operation.
Are there any hidden costs or setup charges?
No. RM1499 and that’s it. Setup and installation fees will be waived at this moment. Similarly, there are no additional charges for your iSMS credit – you just pay according to number of SMS you sent.
How long is the SMS validity period?
All SMS credits come with one (1) year validity. Unused credit balance can be carried forward upon purchasing iSMS credit. Buy more credit from iSMS Malaysia to stay active
Can I only purchase Vocotext WiFi Marketing device without implementing the SMS Marketing system?
Yes, we do accept special request because the system is built by in-house engineers. We can customize the setting before send the product to you.
Can I set a landing page when my client access to free Wi-Fi?
Definitely. Setting can be configured in iSMS portal.
Can I limit the usage of free Wi-Fi to my visitor?
The default Wi-Fi accessing period is one (1) hour. However, it can be adjusted according to your preference.
Can I request more demographic information to be filled in by visitor?
Yes, feel free to request by calling us or dropping us a line. We are constantly improve ourselves to serve you better.
Can I customize the sign in screen?
Yes, the sign in screen can be changed to suit your businesses needs. You can choose to include seasonal promotion, competition, special message and so on. Charges are quoted on case-to-case basis, talk to our sales team for more information.
How do I make use of the data the system provides?
The demographic information that is collected can be self-retrieved and imported to spreadsheet application from iSMS portal for better market analysis.
How do I improve my marketing effectiveness?
Make use of the built in Bulk SMS Marketing system to deliver promotional message on ad hoc or scheduled basic. Apart from that, you can also retrieve data from the system to make better marketing decision.