About Us - What is all about WiFi4outlet?

WiFi4outlet provide you a modern marketing tool that allows you to interact with your clients and guests. When customers access Wi-Fi, their contact is automatically added to your database and thus enroll themselves in your loyalty program and stay in constant contact. You can improve your customer engagement, understand them better and enhance your customer loyalty.

Free WiFi is a powerful tool to collect a large number of registration and logins from customers and prospects in your outlet. By integrating WiFi marketing to your business, you can constantly deliver scheduled coupons, emails, and social messages to stay in contact with your customers and promote your brand at the same time.

We have 9 years of experience in providing great marketing solution to businesses and also a great team of highly efficient personnel who takes pride in every project we undertake to deliver excellent customer service. Our service is suitable for various business model including food and beverage, retail and service line industries.

No installation required. Use these networks to bring in repeat customers.

About Us