— WiFi for Outlet- A Modern WiFi Marketing Device for Your Outlet —

Free WiFi access is fast becoming important and common asset in every business. This is especially important for those outlets from the service industry to food and beverage industry where customers may need some waiting time to get their products or services done.

By recognizing the opportunity, our Vocotext WiFi Markerting device is developed in the purpose of bringing benefits for customer and also the outlet itself.Vocotext WiFi marketing device allows customers to enjoy free WiFi access in outlets, and simultaneously, owner of the outlet can collect the contact information of their customers who have accessed to their WiFi. Outlets are able to keep contact with their customers easily by sending SMS and attract them return to doorstep again in future.

— Benefits of Vocotext WiFi Marketing Device —


Save Your Customer’s Contact

Build your own customers’ contact database for future contact references when allowing your customers to access WiFi in outlet without having to ask them personally.


Notify Customers

By collecting the contact number of WiFi’s users, outlet can send promotions, new product launching, special offer and even customized text messages in future.


Bulk SMS Marketing

Make use of the built in Bulk SMS Marketing System to deliver promotional message on occasional or scheduled basic. One best way to keep your customers informed.


Outlet Brand Promotion

The outlet can promote their own branding and allow users to know more about their businesses when the WiFi portal redirects the users to the company’s website or promotional page.


Social Media Connection

Set your social media site as the landing page. Visitors can learn about your business, check out current promotion, send you a message and share with their friends.


Improve Overall Business Operation

Analyze demographic and statistical data collected from the system to make better marketing decision. Reward frequent customer by encourage them to come back.

More about the benefits of Vocotext WiFi Marketing

We do provide worldwide shipping for international customer. For Malaysia and Singapore user, we are able to show you the Vocotext WiFi Marketing device.Call us now for a demo.

How Vocotext WiFi Works?

  • Customer visit to your outlet and connect to your WiFi hotspot.
  • A page will appear and ask for the customer’s mobile number.
  • PIN will send to customer mobile device aftering enter a valid mobile number.
  • Customer key in the PIN and the customized landing page will appear.
  • Customer can enjoy the free WiFi for few hours.

  • Why Vocotext WiFi Marketing Device?

  • Low cost in setting up the Vocotext WiFi Marketing device
  • Simple setup to provide free WiFi for outlet
  • Secure wireless network for merchant and also customers
  • Bandwidth usage Limit to avoid network overload

  • — How Vocotext WiFi Marketing Device Works? —

    Vocotext-WiFi- steps-01STEP 1

    Connect to an open WiFi

    Vocotext-WiFi- steps-02STEP 2

    Key in details to access free Wi-Fi

    Vocotext-WiFi- steps-03STEP 3

    Receive PIN via SMS

    Vocotext-WiFi- steps-04STEP 4

    Access free WiFi via PIN

    Vocotext-WiFi- steps-05STEP 5

    See your welcome page

    — WiFi Marketing Device is suitable for —